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I’m an accountant, not because I like accounts (or stories), I’m an accountant by vocation, I like people, it makes me happy to help others. I am also a teacher, another activity that allows me to develop the same “vocation of service” so it is no coincidence that “professor” and “professional” share the same root.

But what is vocation? How is it discovered? It is a path towards personal fulfillment, it nourishes us, it enriches us, it excites us, it occupies us and worries us, it accompanies us in life, it gives it meaning. It is discovered from self-knowledge, from reflection, from asking myself who I am, who I want to be. It has to do with our biological, psychological, sociological, spiritual and emotional aspects. It is a product of our nature but also of the life process, the beliefs, the culture and the environment that are forming and forging the innate.

La vocación como camino

The vocation is the expression of our identity, goes beyond a specialty, trade, profession, art or business, because the activity we develop is the concrete action that materializes, is the means and not the end in itself. The same happens with a hobby that can be passionate but occupying another place, that of entertainment, distraction or pastime, or with innate abilities that are not always a source of fulfillment. It should not respond to family or social mandates or utilitarian or facilitative searches in which priority is given to leaving work or the key to entry to inherited areas, nor the use of vocational guides that provide practical solutions for choosing a career whose objective it ends up being the obtaining of some title, that the students finish devouring as if it were literally a “race” in which each approved subject is marked as “one less” as prisoners who discount a day of sentence and not as a tool more apprehended that will allow their personal growth.

It is coherent that in times where the “have to be” over the “being to have” prevails young people feel that it is “difficult to live from the vocation” and they do not perceive that it is a fire that drives, motivates, empowers and even reorders the scale of values. I usually go to this personal anecdote to illustrate it: One morning, in the heart of the city, we took a taxi. Upon entering into the vehicle with my husband, we looked surprised … the driver sang in a tenor voice and concentrated, a tango. We waited a few seconds for him to conclude and after indicating the destination we expressed our pleasure for his voice, which immediately responded “ask whatever you like, it’s on the house” and he gave us a beautiful tour with “The day you love me”. When we asked him if his other occupation was singing he answered with emotion “Not yet. I chose this because singing is my passion and with the taxi I can do it in public as I am working and also I keep up hoping that one day a passenger from the media business will listen to me and hire me “.

La vocación como camino

It is also logical that the adolescent of this era, who has grown up in a world driven by the rapid, the instantaneous and descartable that they will pretend with one click to connect with their vocation so they will be frustrated if they does not succeed. It is important to understand that you have to travel a winding, deep, difficult but wonderful way, that we must learn to look from within and find oneself, a fascinating exercise that is making us grow and which our choices emerge “life” but today at 18 it still has not been incorporated because in a society that does not want to age, the adolescent wants to remain so, which leaves them unprepared to undertake it. Appeal with authenticity to frank dialogue with adults devoid of often unconscious manipulations, due to professional guidance that contributes questions and not answers, to the good reading without recipes (1) that makes it possible to navigate in the depths of being and the practical approach with the different disciplines, those are usually excellent vehicles to travel the way.

ACCOUNTING STUDY AUDITOR Comprehensive counseling of organizations CP Maria Victoria Beltrami You know what your vocation weighs on you. And if you betray her, it is you who you disfigure; but you know that your truth will be made slowly, because it is the birth of a tree and not the finding of a formula.

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