Blog¿Cómo oriento mi responsabilidad social empresarial (RSE)?

Your company can exercise its CSR focusing on improving: Forging the personal and professional ethics of and among the collaborators.

The training of qualified and competent Human Resources through effective training accompanied by the application of innovation that allows the organizational, technological and administrative progress for business growth.

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¿Cómo oriento mi responsabilidad social empresarial (RSE)?

Social investment

The Dejando Huellas foundation developed the non-profit event “Un Canto por Venezuela” where was forged the brotherhood between the Venezuela and Dominican nations, besides the donation of basic and emergency medicines for sick people.

Networked together

We work together with others non-profit entities, as well as with companies and radio stations reaching a large population.

¿Cómo oriento mi responsabilidad social empresarial (RSE)?


– Plan, develop and execute plans, programs and projects of integral attention to the people of scarce economic resources that live in the urban and rural areas, contributing this way to their healthy biopsychosocial growth.

– Provide free training to social development organizations, advisory and auditing areas.

– Take part and collaborate in projects related with the education, sports and personal care, also the environmental and health care.

– The training and the contribution of the necessary human resources through the realization of workshops, courses, coexistence, festivals and any other national and international event that contribute to promote and realize a better progress and youth leadership development.

– Promote audiovisual sectors of cinema, radio and television with the purpose of carrying out the continuous training for professionals in the mentioned Medias, facilitating the obtainment of the necessary support instruments for it.